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An Intrinsic Love for The Craft

The Danish Republic in Taiwan

 “Since the very first moment in Taiwan as a total stranger, I felt that something pulled me toward this country. Today, few years later, I wouldn’t imagine that I would reach this far or stay that long in this place. Giving the love I have for craftsmanship, I am honored to share my passion with this country, which I consider my second home!”

The founder of The Danish Republic.


 We are a Scandinavian owned company in Taiwan that thrives to deliver quality and service through its Design, Furniture, Hospitality services, and Gourmet. With our locations in the heart of Taiwan’s old capital, Tainan, we stand to provide excellent services and premium quality. 

Our mission is to deliver premium quality products and high-end service at moderate prices. 

Our vision is to establish a social hub that brings people together across cultures and takes them on a travel back in time. 

Our philosophy is that details are the most important of matters, and quality doesn’t need to cost a fortune. 


The Danish Republic -Furniture-

Maximum Comfort in Timeless Designs

Our furniture are imported mainly from Denmark, most often from the first hand owners, a manner that we highly appreciate because it brings not only a piece of furniture to Taiwan, but also the story and history along side with it. 


We mainly source furniture that have an age of at least 40 years and above. As most commonly known, the wood in that era was predominantly Teak, Beech, Rosewood (African and South-american), and Mahogany. Nonetheless, the designers in that era have excelled had become famous for their ergonomic, functional, and modern designs. Their designs have been appreciated worldwide in addition to the quality control “Danish Design” approval. 

The Danish Republic -Bistro-

Food and Beverages, Home-Style Cuisine

Let’s face it – many places in Taiwan do offer a variety of dishes, but the truth to be said, those dishes are similar to each other which makes the taste quite uniform. In exchange, we focus in our cuisine on quality and variation with a taste that is crafted from many locations in the world. In other words, you can call it “a melting-pot for the international cuisines”. 

In addition, our imported furniture reflect a retro style which aim to create an atmosphere that is full of Nordic comfort and nostalgia. Not to mention, the house is full of mysteries which are for the visitor to uncover!

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The Danish Republic -Nest-

A Worthy Stop-By At The Heart Of Tainan

We came up the term Nest as an alternative terminology. Travelers are imagined to be as flying birds which fly to warm places to settle in one place for a short period of time, then fly away again. Those birds are not necessarily of a kind. In fact, they are of different kinds and backgrounds. Therefore we have created “The Nest” with its international rooms, each room with its own thematic setup.


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The Danish Republic  -Surprise-

Elaborating On A New Venue

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