We are a Scandinavian owned company in Taiwan that thrives to deliver quality and service through its Design, Furniture and Hospitality services. With our locations in the heart of Taiwan’s old capital, Tainan, we stand to provide excellent services and premium quality.







From our distinguished menu, our bistro offers meals and beverages that exceed the expectations in the Taiwanese gourmet market. Our focus emphasizes on the quality of the ingredients and healthy nutrition, nevertheless the unique recipes are carefully crafted to maximize taste and benefit. We emphasize on the exclusion of fried foods to give our customers a more healthy choice in Tainan.



With Scandinavian import furniture and lamps, we offer vintage and retro furniture that can be used for decoration and display or simply to enjoy their timeless designs with a maximum comfort and style. The furniture is import directly from Denmark. The pieces are made of quality woods such as Teak and Rosewood. The designs and wood give any space a beautiful retro touch. 


 We pay special attention to details, passion and appreciation for beautiful events. The focus we put our business is on the craftsmanship and design. Our locations were deliberately designed and hand-made. We combine the elements of style, mood and theme in order to deliver quality and service to our customers in all of our businesses.